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Take Back Your Power!

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Motor Whiskey

Take Back Your Power!

Motor Whiskey is proven to give you Horsepower & Torque gains.

Feed your classic our formula and feel the performance you have been waiting for!  

Hot Bike, Motor Whiskey Fuel Thermalizer

Thank you Danny Wilson for our greatest achievement to date!

True Horse Power creation is a subtle point of distinction. Effectual is being capable of producing an intended effect. Recognition is the acknowledgement of achievement. The members of the HOT BIKE society are very discerning when it comes to endorsing any alternative fuel product let alone spending their hard earned money on it. However these knowledgeable individuals did so because they understand the true value of the product.  

Motor Whiskey products are “Fuel Thermalizers” and should not be mistaken as a common fuel additive. Quality, performance and value are achieved by hand blending each formula in small batches to ensure only the highest chemical energy content possible before bottling each unit individually. This level of scrutiny delivers a product that matches it price point. Our products are not inexpensive and will never be made with recycled chemicals found in other products nor be sold on the shelf in your neighborhood big box store either.   

Thank you Danny and Jeff for making this issue of Hot Bike the biggest achievement this little Veteran Owned company has ever had still to this day!



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