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Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats, Diesel Trucks, Tools, Generators...anything with an internalcombustion engine needs Motor Whiskey

Customers testimonials

  Jan 7, 2017 Affidavit of Awesomeness!   I got some motor whiskey a while back and thought I'd share my experiences.  I started with the original whiskey in my corvette.  Now this vette is a daily driver.  I had put over 190,000 miles on my baby and she wasn't a spring chicken any longer.  Now I can't tell you about emissions, as I don't have specific sensors for that, but the increase in power and responsiveness was directly noticeable in this well cared for mamma.  I have a nice 40 mile straight stretch each way with little traffic and fewer police, so when I wan to I can really open it up.  The responsiveness in acceleration was great, and I jumped from an average of 22 MPG to 26 MPG while still pushing an average of 90 MPH with spurts at 120.   I took the racing formula a few weeks later (wanted to make sure everything was clear so I go a good experience).  This was a nice clean burn.  I got a fantastic kick when I bore down and my late night runs were rocking fast.  I tried it as well in my Harley.  This was a lot of fun, as my cruiser doesn't typically accelerate as fast as my speed demon.  While I didn't get to crotch rocket screaming acceleration, the boost I got was noticeable and a fun change up without having to modify the bike.   Finally, I went back to the original formula for my F-150.  I wasn't doing any special hauling, just my same daily run.  I jumped up from 21 Mpg to 24 Mpg on the whole tank running an average speed over 480 miles at 68 MPH (includes non-highway speeds).  I have to say I'm pleased and impressed and recommend Motor Whiskey to folks looking for more from their fuel!   Dr. Scott Marchek Falkville, Alabama    

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